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Join Us Saturday, May 5th, 2018 For the Marijuana March Toronto

This Saturday, May 5, 2018, is the Global Marijuana March in Toronto. It will start at 12 pm at Queens Park North and then we will tour around the city in protest. This is our chance as a Province to unite and stand up against the marijuana laws that are being proposed by the liberal government. Like the Beastie Boys once said: You gotta fight for your right!

Stop the Legalization Delays

Marijuana has not yet been legalized and the Canadian government keeps on delaying and this prohibition of Cannabis is a continued injustice and a display of the blatant ignorance political parties hold in view of cannabis. Prohibition ignores the countless list of healing properties in cannabis-based products, therefore depriving Canadian citizens of a natural, plant-based healer. The ban on marijuana and active (and foreseeable) laws in place continually criminalize individuals with mental and physical illness who are just trying to cope with their symptoms.

Benefits of Marijuana

A quick Google search can explain all of the positive benefits of cannabis consumption, which largely include reducing symptoms attributed to depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. While pharmaceutical companies continue to pump patients with chemical substances, of which the negative effects far outweigh the positive; creating dependency and addiction, political parties are attacking a plant. A PLANT. This is a gross injustice of our rights and we need to come together to assert our position against this madness.

Inside Info From Guest Speakers

All are welcome at the Marijuana March. There will be private cannabis business owners, medical consumers, recreational consumers, political candidates and more. Come and listen to guest speakers as they discuss what this march means to them and the wider Canadian public. This is a peaceful protest of our rights as Canadian citizens to grow, consume, distribute or all of the above. Let’s rally together and let the government know that we’re not going anywhere- and neither are our buds.

Learn More About the Global Marijuana March @ http://globalmarijuanamarch.ca/

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