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Whitelist our domain to ensure our notifications reach your inbox. Are you frustrated with missing important emails from us?

I’m sure you don’t want to miss “Delivery in Progress” email notifications, so we’re going to show you how to add us.


How to whitelist an email address with Gmail

Sign in to your Gmail.com account and follow the instructions below.

Add us to you contacts

Add info@420spot.ca to your Gmail Contacts. Google usually won’t flag a contacts email as spam.

Mark messages as “Not spam”

If Gmail has marked 420spot.ca as spam. You can tell Gmail the emails are not spam.

  1. In Gmail, open the spam folder
  2. Select our email
  3. Click More and then Not spam

Create a filter for 420spot.ca

A filter will tell Google to whitelist emails from 420spot.ca

  1. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner, and then choose Settings
  2. Click on Filters tab and then Create a new filter
  3. Enter 420spot.ca into the From field
  4. Click Create filter with this search
  5. In the box headed When a message arrives that matches this search select Never send it to spam
  6. Click the Create filter button

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