Gateson Recko Glass Galaxy Marble Pipe


With this amazing pipe you hold the galaxy in your hand. Your friends will be dazzled by this 3D glass effect. Unique and one of a kind made by the famous Gateson Recko.

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Gateson Recko The One, The Only

A hand-made amazing pipe by Gateson Reko allows you hold the galaxy in your hand. Friends will be dazzled by this 3D glass marble effect and it will certainly make you the envy all around. A truly a unique and one of a kind glass cannabis pipe made by the famous Gateson Recko.

You have to see this up close to explore the fine details because of the talented artistic abilities of the master glass blower Gateson Recko. The top quality glass pipe that will last, and is promised to never tire of going boldly to explore the inner depths of the universe in the palm of your hand.

A wonderful piece of glass inspired by science fiction and the stars above. View the planets and celestial bodies in miniaturization like nothing you’ve seen before.

Glass Cannabis Pipe

A good smoke will leave you memorized from the complex depths and the extent of the 3D image depth found inside this piece. Turn the pipe to reveals planets, stars and solar flare. A really astonishing glass cannabis pipe and a piece or art. You can’t go wrong with a Galaxy Marble Pipe.

We take extreme care to ensure your glass pipe arrives in one piece and we offer Canada wide shipping. Order in confidence with

Who is Gateson Recko

Gateson Recko’s Universe Marble journey started in 2000. Gateson moved to New Mexico and while watching the mountain skies, he discovered a secret universe waiting to be explored hidden deep inside a glass sphere.

Gateson’s is on a quest to create new methods and create ever deeper three dimensional effects. The planets and celestial objects are a absolute thing of beauty and are inspired by science fiction. The limitless blends of colours and textures have essentially no limits, only the imagination.

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