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Bryan Ratcliffe Pearlescent Tripler 11″

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This Pearlescent Tripler is a specimen of perfect design and structure. Standing 11″ tall this filtering machine will create enjoyable smoking experiences each and every time. The colors dance between yellow, pink, blue and purple. All the lines are perfectly symmetrical and its base is solid. Check out the pics below!

Bryan Ratcliffe Pearlescent Tripler 11″

This Bryan Ratcliffe Pearlescent Tripler is a behemoth which stands a whopping 11″ tall. Stepping it up from a standard doubler, bubbler; this tripler is smoke filtering at its max. Your smoke will pass through three stems into water before finding its way to the mouthpiece. As such, your smoke is not only filtered, but its also cooled making each and every pull an enjoyable experience.

The construction is this piece is very solid and it sits perfectly still on any flat surface. Like mentioned before, the glass used here is pearlescent. The colors blend together and change color with light and angle changes. Yellow, Pink, blues and purple make up the blend. In some instances (under certain lights) the sections can appear green.

The bowl is a removable design with a perfect rubber gasket seal at the bowl’s base. The pace between the main spot and the two extra stems os perfect for you fingers to go. This perfectly designed tripler is ready to go for everyday use and with this type of glass, cleanup will be a breeze.

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1 review for Bryan Ratcliffe Pearlescent Tripler 11″

  1. garrettmaclean11 (verified owner)

    Figuring out how to move the water through it was a bit wierd at first. It’s got a nice fat bowl and the colours really show under the right light. Pretty neat watching the smoke go through this thing. Sitting it in a bowl of ice water makes for a really smooth hit.

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