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Assorted Gummy Bears (100mg THC per bag)


Everyone loves gummies! Now you can enjoy the sweet chewy treats with a special little secret. 25mg each this bag of 4 gummies (100mg THC) will surely brighten your day or night.


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Our assorted gummy bears candy are soft and delicious. Each pack contains four 25mg THC gummy bears candies of assorted flavours. A full bag contains 100mg THC, so take it easy đŸ˜‰

Each pack could contain the following flavours: cherry, grape, green apple, lemon/lime, orange, and raspberry.

Everyone loves jube jubes! Now you can enjoy the sweet chewy treats with a special little secret đŸ˜‰

With 25mg each this bag of 4 Gummy Bears will surely brighten your day or night. The fruit flavours are just like the candies you find at grandmas, but these ones will put you on your ass.

Childhood Favourite

This old time candy favourite is one right out of everyones childhood. Order your THC gummy bears and enjoy the rich flavours, and if you’re like me grape is the best and your fingers will be crossed hoping for grape in the mix.

Gummy Bear candies not only taste good, the vibrant colours make them appealing to anyone. This classic treat has been around for over 150 years with very few changes to the original recipe. The addition of THC is a welcomed new ingredient that can only enhance the greatness of the candy, just be careful with these powerful little sweets.

Delivered Canada Wide

We are happy to ship gummy bear candies Canada wide. From coast to coast every Canadian can enjoy our THC gummy bears. Don’t miss out and order yours online today.

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