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Introducing Distillates now sells cannabis distillates. You can enjoy pure extracts, full of terpenes and concentrated flavours of the exact fractions. For this reason, the possibilities are endless, from high THC to CBD and beyond.

What are distillates?

Marijuana distillates are fractional extractions of essential oils and compounds from the cannabis plant. By refluxing and distilling at different temperatures you can isolate components, and as a result have varying grades of THC, CBD, and terpenes. This allows for a wide range of aromas, effects, flavours, and uses.

Unrivaled Purity & Potency

The refinement allows for unrivaled purity, incredible potency and generally speaking a very unique experience for you to enjoy. Now you can have this complex product at home, so order your distillates today from

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We offer premium cannabis distillates for sale for recreational and medicinal use.


    420spot THC Distillate 1g

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