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Ontario Residents Distressed Over OCS and Canada Post


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The week of October 17th will always be one to remember around these parts. Ontarians hit the internet at 12:01 and started making their online orders for cannabis in droves. Initial orders with the OCS are leaving Ontario Residents Distressed. When all was said and done for the first week the OCS racked up over 150,000 sales. There is no sign that this is going to slow up. To say that the OCS was unprepared for such an influx of orders would be an understatement.


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Ontario’s premier Doug Ford put forth that physical retailers in Ontario could not commence their operations until April of 2019. As a result, the OCS would hold the monopoly on legal cannabis sales for six months. This decision coupled with the fact that Canad Post had just begun a nationwide strike made for quite the disastrous recipe. To say that Ontario Residents are distressed over OCS and Canada Post would be an understatement.

OCS Says Canada Post Is The Problem


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OCS has been plagued by negative online reviews for a multitude of problems generated from the first couple week of operations. Customers have reported very slow shipments along with ones that have not arrived at all along with counts and weights being short. In a recent report, OCS claimed that the delays are a direct result of the Canada Post situation. Even without a strike present, one would assume that the system would take a hit with such a huge influx of orders coming in all at once. Complaints have made it all the way to the provincial ombudsman and it doesn’t seem like things will stop there. These are problems that time will have to iron out of course. We can only keep a watch on the state of the situation as we eventually reach an inevitable end to the Canada Post strike.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Like we said this is just a start to the new process. If there is one thing we know it is that Canadians are resilient and Canadian Cannabis lovers are even more so. We will make it through the growing pains of the new system. Hopefully this 6 month “ironing out” process will also be over before we know it. Stay tuned as we keep you informed about all the goings on in regards to all things 420 related.

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Feel free to comment below if you are someone who made an order form the OCS and are STILL waiting for your order to get here. I know for a fact that we here at 420 HQ are still waiting for our first package still. Share your experiences upon arrival if you are one of the lucky ones who received your package. Was your count right? How was the quality, Trim, potency? Let’s start a  conversation in the comments below.


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