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Using 420 vape pens like a bunch of hipsters

Back in my day pens were used for writing things down: grocery lists (that I always forget on the counter and don’t realize until I’m in aisle 4), honey-to-do lists (that never get done) and homework (that my dog ate…). Now it’s 2018, and pens mean much more than ink on paper. Everyone and their mama are using vape pens like a bunch of hipsters outside of a thrift shop. But let’s be honest, it’s given us quite the cover because nobody knows that what we’re smoking is taking us on a magical journey up to cloud nine.

With 420Spot’s collection of Rhino Pens, you can discreetly enjoy your cannabis through vapor, which means less smell, less smoke, and less attention your way. Grab our Rhino Pens, which are refillable and rechargeable, and you can puff, puff, pass (or not pass- we get it, it’s good stuff!), anywhere your little heart desires.

Like all of our products, the Rhino Pens are lab tested in Canada by some of our top-notch employees, because we want what’s best for you. When you get this product and you realize just how much you love it, don’t panic when you run out juice, use your little digits to scroll over to our extracts and oils section and browse the abyss of products we have in store for you. And no, that is not gold we are selling, we are not a jewelry store. That mesmerizing image of succulent, golden matter is our finest shatter that we have perfected for the consumption of our loyal and deserving customers. (Yes, we are that confident).

Cheers, folks!

Pig Out
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