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Light Weed Counts From The OCS More Problems For Ontario

It would seem that many of the hot topics right now are pertaining to Ontario and the OCS. Let’s not forget that recreational marijuana use had been legalized for the entire country. Well, eyes and ears follow the drama and Ontario is that hot spot. Being the only province that has had its marijuana sales monopolized by the powers that be and the OCS all eyes are on us. Next on our drama filled docket are reports that customers have been receiving Light Weed Counts.

Striking postal workers, delayed shipments and now the newest negative instance to hit the web are recurring reports from OCS customers that their orders are arriving “light”. Posts, picture and unboxing videos have started to pop up all over the web of unsatisfied OCS customers weighing their purchases just to find out they are almost consistently a little short. On average a 0.1g to 0.2g short seems to be the average from the videos I viewed.

No Policy – No Accountability

420spot Light Weed Counts Scale Cannabis

These Light Weed Counts are obviously a major concern. Mostly because there is no framework in place for customer support from the OCS to deal with this problem. No one likes to be short regardless of the purchase. We all want to receive what we paid for in full regardless of the item we are buying.

Let’s say that you buy 7g of a product from the OCS. If you get 6g and want to issue a complaint, there is nothing you can do. OCS policy states that once you open the seal on the containers the sale is final. You can see the problem here. We can’t verify our weights.

How We Can Check The Weight of Your OCS Purchases

It would seem that we are deadlocked in a catch 22. Not so. there is an easy way to check this. All we will require is the weights of the containers/packaging from the OCS (and this goes for all provinces). Then, once we have the weights of the different containers that they use for sales (such as 1g, 3.5g, 7g and so on) we can weigh our unopened packages once/if we receive them and minus the previously established container weight. This way you will at least be able to stand your ground inside of the OCS’s shoddy customer service policy if you receive an order that is “light”. Is it convenient? No. Is it fair that we would have to do this in the first place? No. However, it is a workaround that can protect you and your purchase.  April 2019 can’t come fast enough for Ontario.


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