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marijuana cheeseburger cravings

Marijuana Cheeseburger Cravings?

We love our qwerky national holidays. I know I do. In addition, I know that I have had marijuana cheeseburger cravings in my lifetime.  As a matter of fact, has there ever been a pairing better than munchies and a great cheeseburger? I know the issue can be debated, knowing we all have our favourites (ugh I love Cheetos).

Do You Want Pot With That?

Seeing as today is #NationalCheseburgerDay we encourage you to first head over to 420spot.ca. There you will find our perfect pairing Indica CHEESE. Not only is this Silver Series flower perfectly prepared and cured but also comes to you at an amazing price. This will surely trigger a need to satisfy your cravings with your closest cheeseburger.