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Same Day Cannabis Delivery

We spent some time humming and haa-ing around the 420Spot office trying to brainstorm ways to make your experience with us that much better.

Order Before 7pm to Qualify For Same Day Delivery London, Ontario

We're just trying to make your life easier because that's what friends do.

We thought about a chocolate bar with every order, but don’t want the liability of allergies. Then we discussed a giant bouncy castle, but we don’t have a store so that didn’t make sense.

Finally, we figured it out: same day local delivery!

Exceptional Customer Service

We strive to provide our 420 customers with an experience they can brag about. As an avid online shopper myself, I know the anticipation of waiting for an order to arrive.

I am guilty of checking, double checking, and triple checking the Canada Post updates to see where my package is. And to be honest, it kills me sometimes. I might as well set up a lawn chair on my front porch and camp out until my delivery arrives.

Waiting for cannabis delivery is no different. It might even be more dreadful if all you’ve been looking forward to is a midnight toke, but your package still hasn’t come yet.

We’ve decided to take the waiting game out of your experience.

Now offering same day local cannabis delivery.

If you are a local resident 4:20 Spot Canada is now offering same day local delivery. This takes the waiting game out of your order. 4:20 Spot is a reliable and efficient choice for online cannabis distribution and we think this move will create a lot of happy customers!

What are you waiting for?!

We’re doing this for you so shop around and place your order.

Looking for suggestions? I munched on this product a few nights ago and slept like a dream. Order yours today and you’ll have it tonight. You can thank us later.


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