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For Your Convenience

There are Many Benefits of Buying Online.

As online cannabis distributors, we figured we'd answer some questions about the benefits of buying cannabis online. There are probably smoke shops popping up all over your neighbourhoods, but buying online might be a more suitable choice for some.


Placing Orders Wherever, Whenever!

When purchasing cannabis online, you can shop anytime, anywhere! This is a great option for individuals who may have a chronic illness or mobility issues that prevent them from leaving the house often.

Be Discreet

No One Needs to Know Your Business.

A big benefit of buying cannabis online is that it provides the buyer with privacy. You are not walking into a public shop or having people come to your house. Purchasing cannabis online allows for a discreet transaction between business and consumer.


More Options For Customers

Online distributors often have more of a selection then dealers or shops. Cannabis shops typically operate based on supply and demand and can't have weed going stale on the shelves. Online distributors often have a larger clientele and more flexibility in terms of what they can offer.

Money, Money

Better Saving For You and Yours

Online dispensaries can often offer lower, more competitive pricing than shops. This is because online businesses operate out of warehouses, therefore saving money in terms of security, decoration, etc. This allows online dispensaries to offer better deals and savings for their customers.

Now that you know all the reasons to shop online, take a look around!


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